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If your career has been like mine, you have invested more waking hours each day engaged in your work than you do in any other activity. This includes doing the things you love with the people you love. Making the most of that time, doing our best work, living true to ourselves and our potential makes that time working so much more than a paycheck. My work and passion is helping leaders make those many hours invested in our work balanced, purposeful, effective, and sustaining. I have 25+ years leadership experience in Product Management and Design roles in companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, eBay, Skype, and others. I know the challenges of leading in demanding, fast paced, hyper growth circumstances and just how hard it is to be your best and do your best work in these difficult environments.


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ICF Certified Executive Coach Supporting Product Management and Design Leaders




Getting connected with Lenn and finding myself an opportunity to learn who I truly am is probably one of the best things that happened to me in 2020. To be more precise, working with Lenn as my integral well-being coach is the turning point for me to have better clarity in almost every aspect of the complicated yet incredible life journey.

I came to Lenn with a simple reason. I was emotionally struggling every day with a load of self-doubts and negative self-judgments. I desperately wanted to get rid of them all but can't do it myself despite reading the self-improvement books and understanding the theories well. With Lenn's help and coaching, step by step, I see myself clearer in the context of childhood experience, adulthood development journey, cultural influence, personal characteristics, persona in the workplace, family & friends relationship. Borrowing a metaphor Lenn used often, his job is holding a mirror and guiding me to look at myself thoroughly. Once you see it, you will know how to act and what choice to make. Working with Lenn is the start of my journey to learn how to self-love and self-caring, and it leads me to be determined to live life with joy and purpose. He also helps me to explore the balance of embracing who I am and still making the progress of developing for excellence. 

Olivia Han, Microsoft

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