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I'm Lenn, I help build technical founders and execs, into purpose-driven and inspirational leaders, so that they can build impactful and successful companies.

I’ve worked for 100+ managers in my career, and less than 5 leaders.  

Managers sucked the life and joy out of my work, and drove me away.  They left me frustrated, exhausted, and stressed.  The leaders inspired me to do my best work and to pull off goals I never thought possible.  I would follow them anywhere.  They just knew how to get the best out of me and everyone around them. 

I chose to dedicate myself to creating more leaders and fewer managers after a 27 year career in design and product management.  Every technical founder and exec knows that to be successful and scale a product they need to understand the latest platform or framework API. However to scale their company or team they also need to understand the People API. 

My clients work across the product creation spectrum.  They work in Product, Engineering, Technical PM, Data Science and Design.  Most of them at early to mid-stage startups around the world.  They want to build great companies for humans to work for and products that make a difference for their customers. They want to lead, but sometimes need a partner who can help them see things differently, overcome a blocker, or learn a new skill. 

The most common things my clients want help with are:

•    Growing and scaling teams, products, and companies

•    Creating cultures where people thrive and perform at their best

•    Building strong relationships with their co-founder or leadership team

•    Navigating personal and professional transitions

•    Embodying the traits and characteristics of a  respected capable leader (aka Executive Presence)

•    Cultivating resilience and sustaining results without burning out

So how can I help? 

Effectively coaching technical founders and leaders through the unique challenges they face requires more than an empathic ear and insightful questioning. I combine personal experience from my career in tech to build trust and rapport, while tapping the wisdom of my clients to find the right answers for themselves. I create custom made coaching programs for my client’s needs, am a part of their team, and give them everything I have.  My clients get results and report having bigger impact in growing their organizations, engaged high-performing teams, and build impactful businesses.

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ICF Certified Executive Coach Supporting Product Management and Design Leaders

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Lenn has coached me through the biggest role shift I've ever tackled, moving mid-pandemic from a small, scrappy hedge fund to a hyperscaling overseas fintech.  I needed an experienced thought partner and empathetic listener who understood the different stages of the startup lifecycle.  Lenn has an amazing ability to bridge the practical aspects of daily work and the social and emotional dimensions of personal growth - on both sides of that divide, he's helped me identify the critical areas to focus on to be effective with my new set of challenges.  He asks the right questions at the right time, and he's always on-point.  He's helped me become a more effective communicator, better organized, and to aim my energy at the biggest targets.  I would recommend Lenn highly as a coach.

Scott McKuen, NuBank

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