About Lenn

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.


I am an ICF Certified Coach based in San Francisco, CA. I have 25+ years operational experience in Product Management and Design leadership roles at both large and start up technology companies including Facebook, Microsoft, Nokia, eBay, Skype, and others. I have a passion for helping fellow Product Management and Design leaders, and others grow into their best selves and to make their time spent at work more than just a job, but a way of bringing their whole selves to work, their products, and the world. To put it directly, I have been there and I have experienced much of what you are navigating each day. 

I have chosen to shift my career away from operational roles to serve others as a coach.  I deeply believe we can make the world better at our workplace, from the inside out.  Each of us have been impacted personally and professionally by the leaders and managers we work for. Sometimes they lift us up, sometimes they break us down. When we choose to take on the responsibility to lead, we take on a responsibility not just to a result for our employer, but we impact the lives, growth, and well-being of the people we work with.  I want to help you be your best as a leader, as a human being, so that others can be their best around you too.

Outside of my work, I am a husband and father whose family grounds me.  I am a constant learner, reader, and consumer of documentaries.  I am a musician, an artist, and a cook.  I love water and you can find me on a paddle board, a boat, a beach, or in the ocean or a pool whenever I can be.  I love life and human-beings and try to do my part to make the world a little kinder wherever possible.  


Certifications and Credentials

Certified by the International Coaching Federation, Certified Integral Coach, Harrison Assesments Certified Employee Development & Coaching and Debriefing