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About Lenn

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.


Lenn brings together a passion for coaching and developing leaders with a 27-year career in Product Management and Design leadership roles at Facebook, Microsoft, Nokia, eBay, and Skype.  To put it directly, he has been there and dealt with much of what his clients are working through personally and professionally.

Effectively coaching leaders through the unique challenges, they face often requires more than an empathic ear and insightful questioning. Lenn combines his personal experience to build trust and rapport, while tapping the wisdom of his clients to help them find the right answers for themselves. Clients report having bigger impact in their organizations, engaged high-performing teams, and progress in their careers.   

As a leader himself, Lenn knows the importance of sustaining focus, energy, and growth in a constantly changing environment. He helps his clients make the many hours invested in their work as balanced, purposeful, and effective as possible. 

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Certifications and Credentials

Certified by the International Coaching Federation, Certified Integral Coach, Harrison Assesments Certified Employee Development & Coaching and Debriefing

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