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Coaching Services

Start Where You Are

My coaching approach is grounded in what you want to accomplish, improve, or grow into.  We start where you are, and work towards where you want to go. Whether its working on a skill, capability, capacity, or behavior I will help develop a personalized coaching plan specific to you. Our coaching work is 100% confidential regardless of who sponsors our work together.  I work with clients on a wide range of topics, but some of the more common are outlined below. Contact me to arrange a free introductory session to see if we could be the right fit for each other.

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Leadership Development

Developing yourself as a leader is more than skills building, or checking off boxes on an HR ladder level chart. Leadership requires a way of being that brings clarity, stability, safety, and resilience to those around you.  Being able to earn the trust of others and to inspire them to do their best work requires much more than a job title.

Communication and Conflict

As a leader your most essential tool is your ability to communicate with intention and to influence others when you do. This requires first learning how to listen carefully and with empathy before you speak.  Leaders need to be able to navigate conflicts, misunderstandings, and disagreements without avoidance or doing more harm in the process.

Change Management

Change is the only constant in life and at work, yet somehow we are often unprepared for how to navigate it in a way in which it can feel safe, even exciting.  Learning how to help lead yourself and others through change is an essential skill in today's rapidly shifting world.

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Career Development

Where do I go next and how do I get there? Some say your career is a jungle gym, some say it's a ladder, some a wandering path on a mountain. No matter how you visualize it, your journey is unique to you and the answers only can be found in you.  I can help you explore and bring clarity to your path no matter how you choose to walk it.

Stress Management

The demands of life and work continue to increase on all of us all of the time. Stress clouds our minds, weakens our bodies, and limits our effectiveness.  Stress makes us sick mentally and physically.  Learning techniques and practices to manage stress is a crucial skill to survive and thrive in an ever demanding world.

Life Coaching

Life work, work life? Is there any difference between them for you? Do you know what grounds you, what matters to you, and who you are when you no longer have your job? Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond.

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